Passionate about supporting expectant parents to have a natural birth?

Curious about how complementary therapies can enhance your midwifery practice?

Research shows that complementary therapies can support expectant parents to achieve a physiological birth, reduce the “cascade of intervention” and increase job satisfaction for midwives. Today's midwives face an increase in demand from parents to use complementary therapies to ease symptoms during pregnancy and promote natural birth, yet require dedicated training to do so safely.

Expectancy’s trail-blazing courses have taught midwives across the globe the essential skills required to incorporate complementary therapies into their midwifery practice. Join us on one of our flagship courses, and discover how to use complementary therapies effectively and safely, in NHS or private midwifery practice.

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  • Learn aromatherapy, reflexology, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, moxibustion and more
  • Courses for UK and overseas students, in London, online or face-to-face on your own site
  • Introductory days for student midwives in universities and colleges
  • Business training to prepare midwives to start a business via our Licensed Consultancy

‘I feel so empowered to be able to provide this service for women in my care. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to get into practice and implement these new skills!’

- Charlie McVittie, Preston

Empowering midwives across the globe to use complementary therapies safely

We offer a unique range of courses for midwives and birth workers, and can design bespoke courses for maternity professionals in the UK and overseas.

As well as unlocking a wealth of knowledge and opportunity, our full therapy programmes provide access to regular online discussion groups, webinars, tutorials and our members’ resource library.

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