Looking for a change in direction?

Feeling burnt-out, and craving a better work-life balance? Are you keen to establish your own private practice, but not sure how to go about it?

We can provide you not only with complementary therapies training, but also essential support to set up your own business. Join our ‘Endorsed by Expectancy’ midwives and combine complementary therapy and business training. Benefit from ongoing mentoring and support to establish and grow a thriving private practice.

With ongoing training, regular seminars and support from fellow “Endorsed by Expectancy” midwives via our mutual support group, you’ll find all that you need to continue working with pregnant women whilst gaining a better work-life balance.

‘I qualified with a Diploma in Midwifery Complementary Therapies in 2021. I absolutely loved it! I am now running my own business alongside a colleague who studied at the same time. We both joined the Licensed Consultancy which has been invaluable. Denise and her team are so supportive and always there to guide us on any clinical issue we have. Be wary though, once you’ve done one course, you’ll be hooked!’

- Angela Westley, Inverness

Pioneered by Denise Tiran

Having launched, grown and run Expectancy for over twenty years, Denise Tiran is a successful and experienced business owner. As well as teaching hundreds of midwives to safely incorporate complementary therapies into their practice, she supports midwives to navigate the often challenging and overwhelming path of entrepreneurship – and would love to guide you, too.

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